Proud To Be American???

The double standards continue.

· The Advocate

Miracle Mattress store in San Antonio, Texas created a horrific commercial for their "9/11 Sale" for the September 11th. Sherise Bonanno is the manager and daughter of the owner, appears in the ad.

I have a series of questions:

Why in the world would "an American" simulate the death of almost 3000 souls?

Why would any business owner commemorate 9/11 with a blow out sale?

Am I the only one that is offended?

This Facebook Live recording was recorded in July of 2016. Now we are in a whirl wind of controversy because San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made the decision to sit during the National Anthem. My sentiments remain the same and I am not afraid to say that I support Colin Kaepernick