My Bittersweet 2017

· Unleashing Royalty

2018 is on the horizon and everyone is posting their best in 2017.

Here is look at mine.

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This time last year, I promised myself that I would focus more on my passions. The funny thing is, I thought my passion would include competing for the title of Mrs. International and promoting sickle cell awareness. Unfortunately, Sickle Cell symptoms prohibited me from making public appearances and flying to the National competition. This year, my relationships were tested (some ended), and my faith tested.
The emotional and physical pain is overwhelming. As, I am writing this post, I am in pain. It feels like broken glass is coursing through my veins. Don’t feel sad for me. I’m not disappointed.
My “#2017bestnine” collage is not a true representation of my year. I am proud of the accomplishments that were too ugly or gruesome to capture. Fighting for my life in the ICU. The ugly praying/crying with my true friends. Taking no prisoners and setting boundaries for myself. Through the pain, I was even able to promote sickle cell awareness. I appeared in the Boston Globe and educated future physicians. My most important contribution is my bi-monthly donation of blood to a world class biopharmaceutical company. My contribution is leading scientists to innovative treatments.

Although my 2017 was 🤔... yeah it was hell, I thank God for allowing my pain to be used for His Glory.
It’s time to buckle up to see what happens in 2018!!!

I wish everyone of you a happy and prosperous 2018.

I hope you allow your God's plan to reign in your life.